Top Ten Tuesday — Re-Read


It’s Tuesday and time for the Top Ten Tuesday, courtesy of the Broke and the Bookish.  This week’s topic is the top ten books you would like to re-read (or if you’re not a person who re-reads, that you would re-read if you had the time).

I’m a bit torn on this because with the plethora of books out there I haven’t read yet (both those already published and those to be published), I sometimes find it difficult to find time to visit some old favorites again.  Though I have found a way to re-visit the classic series Doctor Who Target novels via audio book in recent years.  They make a nice companion while working out because I’m familiar with the stories enough that if I miss a detail, I’m not completely lost.

So, here we go with my list of the books I’d like to re-visit.

1.  To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee — One of my favorite books and one that I feel deserves to be re-read once every couple of years.

2.  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald — A good friend of mine says that she feels like Gatsby is part of the required English literature curriculum that many readers aren’t ready to fully appreciate it yet.   That may be the case with me because I didn’t fully enjoy it when I read it in high school, but would like to try it again now that I’m older and my tastes have changed a bit.    Also, I am curious to see the (new) movie and being a good bibliophile, I want to have read the book recently so I can compare the two experiences.

3.  Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor — It’s been almost a decade since I sat down and read the book cover to cover.  It’s one of my favorites and I feel like it should get another look.

Doctor_Who_Remembrance_of_the_Daleks4.  Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks by Ben Aaronovich — One of my favorite novels of the Target line, I recall being thrilled to pieces when I finally found a copy and read it cover to cover on a plane trip.   It enhanced my enjoyment of one of my favorite televised stories and I recall certain passages just pushing all my Whovian fan buttons.   It was re-issued last year for the fiftieth anniversary (I’ve got my original copy that I searched for twenty-five years ago) and I’ve been tempted to visit it again.  But I haven’t yet because I wonder if the actual re-reading of the book will confirm my memories or tarnish them a bit.   I keep hoping they’ll release it as an audio book, of course.

5.  It by Stephen King.  A couple of summers ago, I revisited Cujo on audio book.  This was because I’d originally been riveted to the book when I read it as a teenager.  (It holds up!)  I was riveted to King’s massive It in a similar fashion when it came out in paperback years ago.  Part of it could have been that I had the flu and was too weak to crawl out to where the TV was, so I was in bed reading this between bouts of fever and other complications.   I wonder if the  book would hold up and be as page-turning and unnerving as it was back then.

6.  The Ramona books by Beverly Cleary — I loved these growing up and read them so many times that I still can recall certain passages from memory.   I’ve given these books as gifts to friends and family who have children and I hope that if we’re blessed with kids that I can share these books with them.   It’s why I’ve held off re-reading them for a while now in the hopes of getting to read them (someday) with my kids.

7.   The Peanuts Cartoons by Charles Schultz —  I read a lot of collected comic strips of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Snoopy growing up and recently I’ve found my library has a good run of the Complete Peanuts collections.  It’s fun to revisit these old friends and see how the comic strip developed.

secret-wars-movie-maybe8.  Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars — This epic mini-series came along at just the right time in my young comic book collecting days.  Imagine you’re in fifth and sixth grade and EVERY SINGLE MARVEL super hero teams up to battle EVERY SINGLE Marvel villain!   For a year-long, epic mini-series.  Oh yeah, and my favorite superhero, Spider-Man, gets a new costume!    Back in the day before comic stores were as much an option as they are now, I had to depend on getting to a comic book rack and finding the issues of this mini-series there.  This meant I read what I could, loved it but had gaps in there (I did have a copy of the iconic issue eight with the introduction of Spidey’s new costume).   With Marvel getting ready to do a new take on Secret Wars next year, I’m curious to see how the mini-series holds up.   I see there’s an epic collection of all twelve issues in trade paper back out there.

9.  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain — Another one I read in high school and really enjoyed at the time.  I think it’d be fun to visit it again.

10. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens — Again, read it in high school but haven’t read it since.  I recall it being one of the more enjoyable assigned books I read back then and would like to revisit it with my older reader tastes.


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11 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday — Re-Read

  1. Love your list! So many good books here. My husband has been getting in to reading comics lately, so I will have to tell him about Secret Wars because that sounds really good!

    • Secret Wars started a lot of the crossover craze that still continues to this day. Again, I can’t speak to if it’s good or my memory THINKS it was good because it seemed so epic at the time.

  2. TKAM is such an amazing book. And I love The Great Gatsby! Sounds like Secret Wars is one I need to check out!

    • It’s certainly worth seeing if your local library has a copy of the collected issues. The price tag on the collected printing is a bit high if you’re only a big curious. You may look around and see if you can find a copy of the reprint of issue 1 that was given away on Halloween Comic Book Day this year.

  3. You know, now you mention it, I would also like to reread A Connecticut Yankee! Nice choice.
    Lynn 😀

  4. Awww… the Peanuts cartoons! I have a few of those books and now I can’t remember the last time I picked one of them up. I love Peanuts though. 🙂

  5. I’ve never read any of these! School put me off the classics 😦
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

  6. Reading this reminds me that I haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird since high school. I really should reread it one of these days. I do, however, reread The Great Gatsby every few years, since it’s one of my favorite novels.

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  8. Great choices here. Although I don’t know if I’d ever read It again. Scared the pants off of me the first time I read it. 🙂 The Shining I think I would read again.

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