Booking Through Thursday: Scary

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What’s the scariest book you’ve ever read?

I vividly recall reading Stephen King’s Cujo as a teenager and being utterly riveted and unnerved by it, especially the last third of the novel when two of our heroes are trapped in a car with the rabid Cujo outside, trying desperately to get at them.   King created such a palate in my mind that I’ve never gone anywhere near the movie version of the book.  One reason is that I am not sure it could EVER be as terrifying and unnerving as the novel was.  And the other reason is that I’m worried that it MIGHT somehow be as terrifying and unnerving as the novel was.

I few years ago, I wondered if and how the novel would hold up for scaring me.   So, I checked out the audio book from my local library and listened to it. (Review here, if you’re interested)  Twenty years later, it still had the same impact on me.

King has written a lot of other scary and unnerving books, but it’s this one that really got under my skin the most.


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2 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Scary

  1. When I read the question, the first book that instantly came to mind is also a Stephen King novel that I read as a teenager! Mine was “Salem’s Lot”. Scared me soooo much!

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