The Flash: Fastest Man in the World

theflashThe second episode of a series faces the hurtle of re-emphasizing the show’s premise and characters all while further attempting to establish its voice and build on the pilot.

For the most part, “The Fastest Man in the World” does a nice job of that — and I’d argue it gives us a better villain of the week angle, if only because we don’t have to spend as much time focusing on Barry Allen’s origin story and can focus on the back story for the bad guy in question.

In this case, it’s Multiplex, a guy who can split off into different versions of himself to attack various people.   I will admit that my knowledge of the Flash comics in next to nil, but I liked the motivation and realization of the character.  I was a bit concerned that the show apparently killed off the character.   I know that the pilot established that we’ve got a LOT of these types of people around Central City, but part of the fun of a super hero story is having a rogues gallery for him or her to face off against.

But as I said before, he was apparently killed.

I will admit that I found the thread of Barry doubting himself and whether he’s doing the right thing worked well.    I also liked that there is a limitation placed on him — he needs to consume enough calories to help keep his super speed going.   This could get interesting to see if and how this impacts him since his food bill looks like it’s about to triple.  And it could be interesting to see how long it takes for those not in on the secret to notice that his appetite has gone way, way up.

The one part that I didn’t necessarily like was the flashbacks.  These works well on Arrow, but I am not sure they work here.  It felt like they were trying too hard to create a formula for the shows.  And while last week featured flashbacks, I felt like it was the origin story filling in some things and not just flashbacks because they work well on our other show.

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