Booking Through Thursday: A Family Affair

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Do other people in your family also like to read? Or are you in this on your own?

My wife and I are both avid readers — in fact, she reads more than I do, if you can believe it.

We both come from families who are strong readers — our parents enjoy reading and so do our siblings.

Now, if only we could get our nieces and nephew to be as excited about reading as we are. We try to bribe them each summer to read a set number of books and then get a treat by hanging out with their favorite aunt and uncle. So far, it’s worked once but not in subsequent years.

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  1. I have some nieces and nephews who read as much as I do and others who don’t. Of course, I have sisters who read and sisters who don’t! None read as much as I do. 2 Kids and Tired Books BTT

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