Collected Comic Reviews: Rocky & Bullwinkle, Lady Rawhide

Rocky & Bullwinkle

Growing up, I enjoyed the animated adventures of Rocket J. Squirrel and his pal, Bullwinkle J. Moose. The subversive humor, the so-bad-they’re-good puns and the show’s wit more than made up for the limitations of the animation and gave the series a re-watchability factor that continues to this day.

So when I heard that Moose and Squirrel were back for more adventures on the pages of a comic book, I was both excited and hesitant. Excited for new Bullwinkle but hesitant that a comic book could recapture what made the TV series so magical.*

* Yes, I was burned by the less than stellar big-screen adaptation just like a lot of other fans. It had so much potential and yet it never quite lived up to it.

Thankfully, this collection of four issues of the new Rocky and Bullwinkle comic lives up to the high standard the tv series set. Not all the stories are perfect mind you and some of the jokes are a swing and a miss. But overall, these four stories are funny, witty and just as subversive as the television series that created them.

That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily perfect, however. One of the strengths of the animated series was the supporting cast of shorts that supported the adventures of Moose and Squirrel. Alas, none of my favorite supporting shorts get any representation here. Instead, we get a short Dudley Do-Right story in each issue to break-up the main story and provide the cliffhanger. And it’s the Dudley Do-Right stories that fall flat for me. Of course, that could be that I never found Dudley Do-Right to be the strongest of supporting cartoons on the original show.

Pick this one up for the Moose and Squirrel adventures.

Lady Rawhide Volume 1

If Zorro were to suddenly become a woman and dress up in sexy, gravity defying outfits, the result might be Lady Rawhide.

Unfortunately, the result would be one of the less enjoyable collection of comics I’ve come across in quite some time. I made several attempts to try and get into the story gathered together here, but honestly found myself not giving a fig about any of the characters or the story. When a comic book only runs 20 or so pages, boredom setting in is never a good sign.

Honestly, the best part about these books were the cover sketches of Lady Rawhide.

The internal strips suffer from a lack of consistent artwork, uninteresting characters and tedious plotting. Thanks, but no thanks.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a digital ARC of these books from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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