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Each week, I see multiple book bloggers post their Top 10 Tuesday from the Broke and Bookish.  And each week, I keep thinking I should join in the fun but then never quite get around to it. Well, at long last I’ve decided it’s time to stop thinking about it and to dive into the Top 10 Tuesday.

And this week’s topic is one that hits right in my sweet spot — storytelling in other mediums.   And so, here we go…

1.  Doctor Who — I always like to say I was Doctor Who before Doctor Who was cool.  I loved the classic series and have collected it multiple times over on various formats, including off-air VHS, commercially released VHS and now the DVD/Blu-Rays.   I discovered the series in my early teens and was fortunate to live near a PBS station that showed the syndicated run of the show in just over two years.   Now, I’m counting down days until the Peter Capaldi era begins and probably just as excited about the new season as I was for Matt Smith’s second year.    This is a series that has a tie-in to reading since I collected the original adaptations of the classic serials back in the day and read the New Adventures and Missing Adventures faithfully during the wilderness years when there was no new Doctor Who on our TV screens.  I still listen to those Target novels as audio books while working out — they’re great for a run or workout because I’m familiar enough with the stories that I don’t have to pay attention to every detail for fear of missing a crucial plot point or development.

2.  Star Trek — The original series, of course.  Nothing against the franchise as a whole, but the original 79 will always hold a special place for me.   In fact, it’s my love of Star Trek that has led myself and my good friend Barry to start the All Good Things podcast to delve into all things Trek.  (Shameless plug!)  But back to classic Trek — it doesn’t get any better than the original series crew with the original effects (the updated effects are nice, but I prefer the original versions in most cases!) and in the debate of who is the best Trek captain, there is no debate — it’s Captain James T. Kirk.  Another series I’ve collected on VHS, DVD and now Blu-Ray.  And yes, I’ve also read a lot of the tie-in novels over the years — and forgotten most of the details of them!  (Though I will add that just about anything by one Peter David is likely going to be good, if not great).

3.  Seinfeld — I think I actually watched (or in this cased recorded) the pilot episode of the show twenty-five plus years ago.   And two and a half decades later, I still crack up over the antics of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.   So many catch-phrases and it can always make me laugh.

4.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer — I found Buffy at the start of season two and immediately fell in love with it.  So much so that I spent years while it was on the air convincing others to watch it and generally (eventually) getting the same reaction — I thought you were kidding about it being so good.   In fact, I’d say that the second season is still my favorite of any Joss Whedon season for a number of reasons.   One of them is that if you watch the first episode, Whedon foreshadows every  single major beat of the season in that one hour — though at the time you don’t know it yet.  And it ends on one of the most enjoyable and heartbreaking season finales of all-time.   And again, the series is so incredibly quotable.

5.  Star Wars — I grew up when the original trilogy was hitting theaters.  My mom and grandfather took me to see the original during its run and I had a ton of Star Wars stuff, including toys, lunch boxes and records.    In fact, I would use my old lunch boxes to store some of my action figures which led to drama when one summer I went to visit my grandparents and left my lunch box full of action figures at her house.  It took forever (it seemed that way at least) for them to get mailed back to me and boy I missed them while they were gone.   And let’s not even ponder how much time and energy my friends and I spent debating if Darth Vader was really Luke’s father or not after we all saw Empire Strikes Back. 

6.  Spider-Man — My first exposure to Spider-Man was on the Electric Company back in the day and he immediately replaced Batman as my favorite super-hero.   I read as many comics as I could growing up and have read or re-read them over the years.   I’ve enjoyed the movies (Spider-Man 2 is among my favorite films) and I’ve watched a lot of cartoon versions of the character.

7.   Battlestar Galactica –– Not just the reboot, but also the original series, which came along at just the right time and I was just the right age.   Looking back now, the originals are a bit silly and thin at times, but to the seven-year-old me, they were fantastic.  And some of those episodes still hold up today.  As for the reboot, I was skeptical at first but quickly won over by Ron Moore’s vision for the show.   An honorable mention in this category must go to Buck Rodgers, which was in the same vein and came out at the same time and I loved.  Again, I had several toys from each series and the epic crossover battles of Galactica, Buck and Star Wars were fantastic.

8.    The X-Files — I stuck with this one until the bitter end — and I can tell you by the end I was bitter.  But I’ve recently dusted off my DVDs of the show and remembered that when it was good, it was very good.   Sure they had no idea of where the arc was going and it was never intended to run nine years, but it’s still a great series when it wants to be.

9.  Happy Days — Another show from my childhood that I loved and still love as an adult.  Fonzie was (and is) the epitome of cool and the first few seasons after the show began to focus on him are solid.  Again, it’s one of those where the later years can taint the memory of how good the show was in its prime.

10.  James Bond — Not all of the Bond movies are great, but I’d say a majority of them are quite good.   And I still enjoy watching them and watching the evolution of the character from the printed page to the silver screen.

Honorable Mentions:  Quantum Leap, The Simpsons, Batman: The Animated Series, Babylon Five, The Shield, Lost, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, The Twilight Zone, 24. 



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8 responses to “Tuesday Top Ten: Other Stories

  1. Great list! I can’t wait for the new series of Doctor Who either. I used to watch the Sylvester McCoy episodes when I was younger but was too little to understand what was going on really. I keep wondering whether I should go back and watch some of the earlier Doctor Who.

    • Absolutely! You should give classic Who a try. I am not sure the Sylvester McCoy era is the best place to start (it’s fairly polarizing among fans). I’d recommend the Tom Baker era and you could start with Ark in Space, his second story. Just expect that the stories will be very different from the modern stuff.

  2. Michael
    Glad you joined in the fun. This is a great list and I love the way you extended it very sneakily by having ‘honourable mentions’.
    Lynn 😀

  3. There is something comforting about catching an old episode of Seinfeld! I did not watch X-Files through to the end, but I have recently thought about rewatching it. I have also thought about going back to Lost. Also, thanks for the mention of Quantam Leap! Man, that was a good show. Did you watch V? I used to hate when the aliens peeled off their human faces! Thanks for sharing ~Megan

    • I watched parts of the original V but never got into the new one.

      X-Files is great in its first five or so seasons. After that it gets more miss than hit.

  4. I really wish i could say that I loved Doctor Who before it became cool. I only started watching it a year ago. I’ve since become thoroughly obsessed. I have watched and rewatched New Who. I’m trying to become well versed in Classic Who now. City of Death is my favorite. Time Warrior (Sarah Jane’s first episode!) close behind. I’m 2 episodes into War Games now and I really love that.

    I haven’t read any Target novels yet. I saw a bunch at a used bookstore a few months ago and am kicking myself for not buying them. What are some of your favorites? Do you listen to Big Finish stories? I’d like to start them but they seem like a big investment, both financially and time-wise.

    As for Peter Capaldi, have you watched him in The Thick of It? I’d never heard of him before he was announced as the Doctor. I watched The Thick of It soon afterwards and thought it was absolutely hilarious. Plus I finally watched Torchwood Children of Earth and loved him in that too. I’m a huge Capaldi fan now.

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