Booking Through Thursday: Snow Day

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For most of the east coast, at least, it’s a wintry, snowy day today, so … How do you like to spend your snow days? Feel free to gloss over the obligatory parts like shoveling unless you LIKE it. We’re talking ideal, best way to spend a snow day kind of thoughts, here.

For those of you who live in places where snow days simply don’t happen? Feel free to substitute “snow” with “rain” and think about the kind of days when you just want to cuddle up inside where it’s warm and dry.

Since my favorite way to experience snow is looking at friends’ picture of it on Facebook, I may not be the most ideal person to answer this one.  But I’ll try….

A couple of ways to enjoy a snow day would include a good nap, having time to finish a book I’m reading or possibly starting one of the to-be-read pile, clearing off a few shows on the DVR or watching a movie I’ve been meaning to get around to watching.



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3 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Snow Day

  1. I do have snow here in Iowa today, and your ideas of things to do sounds like a plan to me. Enjoy your no snow day today.

  2. As someone who feels like she’s living in a snow globe, I salute your plans. Mine are a bit more of a to-do list but, grad school, whatcha gonna do?

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