Review: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Crash into You (Pushing the Limits, #3)

Isaiah and Rachel are from two different worlds with one thing in common — a love of fast cars.

For Rachel, driving fast is a way to escape the pressure her seemingly perfect family places on her to “replace” her deceased older sister. For Isaiah, fast cars are a potential way to make enough money to continue to survive and keep just under the radar of the foster care system.

Isaiah and Rachel’s paths cross at an illegal drag race one evening and before long, the two are thrown together and have a smoldering interest in each other. The pressure on them both amps up with the organizer of the race blames Rachel for cops breaking up the race and costing him money, leading to Isaiah taking on her debt. Now the two have six weeks to come up with $5000 or else they face disastrous consequences.

Katie McGarry’s Crash Into You chronicles Rachel and Isaiah’s lives and budding relationship. What could have been your typical bad-boy meets good-girl who reforms him story becomes something more thanks to an emphasis on flawed but believable characters and the external pressure each party faces. It’s not just the judgement of family or friends these two star-crossed lovers have to fear, but also the pressure of figuring out how to survive together, all while facing the pressures of their respective lives.

From my understanding, this is the third book in a series of novels by McGarry. I haven’t read the first two installments of the series but I had no issue following the story told here. There may be some nuances and Easter eggs to other books and characters that long-time fans will pick up and simply went over my head. But the book is not less enjoyable for that and fans who haven’t read the first two will be able to enjoy this one.

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