Review: Doctor Who: The Trial of the Valeyard by Alan Barnes (Big Finish Audio Drama)

Doctor Who: Trial of the Valeyard

This year’s Big Finish extra release explores one of the more controversial and debate-worthy characters from the original run of Doctor Who — The Valeyard..

The Doctor is recalled to the station and asked to defend the Valeyard on a series of charges. But has the High Council stacked the deck against the Valeyard even before the trial begins and does that answer tie into the “true” identity of the Valeyard?

For years, the Valeyard was declared off-limits by the BBC for further explanation. But with the series continuation, the question of if or when the series might be allowed to delve into the Doctor’s darker side has been one that has cropped up from time to time (especially after the Dream Lord made his appearance in series five).

“The Trial of the Valeyard” is geared directly at hard-core classic Who fans, full of speculation and piecing threads together along with winks, nods and Easter eggs galore for long-time fans. I’m not sure if writer Alan Barnes was aware of how things would play out with the 50th anniversary special and the Doctor’s regeneration order, but if he wasn’t, he and Moffat must be on the same wave length or drinking some of the same Kool-Aid.

And yet for all the answers and connecting the dots, Barnes still leaves us with new questions about the identity of the Valeyard and just how the revelations here could or should play out within the establishing continuity of the show. With the recently released “Night of the Doctor” bringing some of the Big Finish continuity into the official canon of the series, I can’t help but wonder if some of the ideas put forth here might not be included in future installments.

If they are or if they aren’t, this is still a fun audio adventures with plenty of rewards for the obsessed Who fan in me.

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