Review: Heaven Is Paved With Oreos by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Heaven Is Paved with Oreos (Dairy Queen, #4)

Catherine Gilbert Murdock returns to the town of River Bend, Wisconsin for her latest novel. And while D.J. and several other characters from the first three installments of the series appear, Heavnen Is Paved With Oreos centers on Sarah Zorn.

Told in journal entry style, Sarah details the events of her life. She and her “boyfriend” Curtis (they have an agreement to let everyone think they are together, even though they’re really not…or are they?) are working on a science project and she’s riding to the big city a couple of times a week to take care of her grandmother Z’s dog. When Z invites Sarah on a trip to Rome, Sarah is put at a crossroads and one that could spell the end of her relationship with Curtis. But it’s one that could allow her to grow closer to her zany grandmother and to learn more about one of her favorite relatives.

As with the other novels in the series, Murdock captures the feeling of small town life well on the printed page. Sarah’s dilemma over whether she really likes Curtis or if the feelings run deeper and are reciprocated drives the early part of the novel. But it’s once Sarah and Z take off for Europe that things really take on a different, interesting dimension.

Another solid entry in the series and one that fans will eat up like Oreos.

In the interest of full discretion, I received an ARC of this novel from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a fair review.

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