TV Round-Up: SHIELD, The Blacklist

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – “0-8-4”

shield2After just two weeks, it’s a bit concerning that the most interesting aspects of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD have been the two cameos by characters from the Marvel movie universe.   I was far more intrigued to see Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo as Nick Fury in the waning moment of “0-8-4” than I was much of the hour that led up to it.

Part of that is that I don’t have any kind of investment in the main characters just yet – and the show hasn’t really made any steps to make me want to invest in the characters.  Last week was about assembling the team together and this week is all about showing this group of people they can be more than the sum of their parts.  Which should work as a character arc if I were a bit more invested in these characters.

I am intrigued by Fitz and Simmons and I already like Coulson.  The rest of the team has yet to develop into something more, despite the show’s attempt at a twist with Skye apparently working for the bad guys.   Yeah, like no one is going to notice her secretly texting in the background and maybe not wonder what’s up.   I hope that this is kind of plan that Coulson has to flush out the bad guys and won’t just be another attempt at a mole who eventually sees the error of her ways and becomes a part of the team.

I am still on with the show, but I honestly found myself wondering if it wasn’t a show by Whedon if I’d be less intrigued than I am.   Not every episode can be a home run, but I’m still waiting for one that hooks me into the show like I want to be.

The Blacklist

One good thing about fracturing your toe and having to rest – it frees up a lot of time for catching up on reading and TV viewing.  With the pain killers, it’s been leaning more heavily toward TV viewing than reading, which is good since it’s the start of the season and the promos all make the new shows look really good.

I’m not sure yet if the Blacklist is a good series or not.  It’s certainly intriguing enough to get me to watch the first two installments in a relatively short order.  A lot of that is curiosity about Reddington’s agenda than it is the actual “case of the week” aspect of the show.  Why he’s decided to turn himself in and why he will only work with Keen intrigue me as do the questions surrounding her husband and if and how he is tied to any of this.

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  1. I still think the sound mixing is crappy, and the banter too stilted and quickly delivered to be effective (or heard).

    The plot of this second episode was so transparent as to be ethereal.

    The one thing that bothers me more than anything else is that stupid plane. Engines on the horizontal stabilizers?

    Even assuming they have been reinforced to carry the thrust loads, we see the plane land on a dirt runway in Peru. There go the rear engines as hundreds of pounds of dust and rocks (kicked up by the main landing gears) get shot into the turbines.

    But perhaps the stupidest thing in the show, and what is quickly losing me, is the lack of even basic understanding of science. I can buy magic, gods, unknown technologies as the premise of the show . . . I can’t buy a life raft plugging a gaping hole in a plane undergoing depressurization . . . even if I could buy the fact there was enough air in that plane that it would take nearly 5 minutes to stabilize to the outside pressure. Past the first half minute or so, there would not be anyone or anything being “sucked out”.

    But, let’s say, for the sake of argument, there is a large enough pressurization differential to rip seats from the floor, and continue to suck people and object out for all that time . . . a flexible rubber raft would be instantly shredded and sucked out, even it it would miraculously fit exactly and precisely over the 10 foot wide hole.

    Shame on the writers for extreme laziness and ignorance.

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