Comic Book Thoughts — Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Dying Wish

So I’ve apparently missed a lot of issues leading up to the ones collected here in Dying Wish. But from what I can gather, in an arc before this one, Doc Ock and Spidey had yet another epic battle with Spidey narrowly defeating Ock.

Now, Ock is dying and his last wish is to somehow switch bodies with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Using some kind of mind-swapping technology (it’s a comic book, so you’ll just have to go with it), Ock does just that. Trapped in Ock’s dying body, Peter must escape prison and try to find a way to reverse things before time runs out.

Reading this collected set of issues from The Amazing Spider-Man, I found myself wondering how the experience would be different if I’d read the story month to month instead of all in one sitting. I can’t really say, but these are the things that cross my mind while reading collected comic book runs these days. It’s probably less of an issue these days when there seems to be less recapping taking place within the action of the comic itself. As opposed to the old days when the first couple of pages of a comic were designed to bring new and old readers up to speed on what was happening in the life of our hero.

I also have to wonder while reading this just how long these new changes to Spider-Man will last. The Marvel universe has effectively eliminated Peter Parker in not only the main line but also the Ultimate line. Or at least Peter Parker as we knew him, since (SPOILER ALERT!) Doc Ock gets away with his plan to eliminate Parker, but there’s a twist. Turns out Peter is still in there and Ock has not only his memories but also Peter’s.

I fully expect that at some point in the narrative, the Peter half will fight for and assume control of his body again. The cynical part of me says that will probably happen sometime around when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters.

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy

And so dawns the new era of Spider-Man!

After ending the long run of Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel relaunches the character in a different way.

Doc Ock has swapped his dying body for that of Spider-Man. But what Ock didn’t count on was Peter fighting back and part of his consciousness taking up residence inside. This includes all of Peter’s memories and morals.

So, the new Spider-Man has Ock’s intelligence with Spider-Man’s moral center and code of conduct. It’s The Odd Couple inside of one body!

And surprisingly enough, it works for this collected set of comics. Oh sure, this isn’t the Spider-Man I grew up with and it’s probably only a matter of time until we hit the reset button on all of this. But, for now, it’s kind of amusing and there are some interesting avenues opened up.

And yet even in all of that Dan Slott is clearly sewing the seeds for someone close to Spidey to put two and two together about what’s really going on sooner or later.


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  1. I find I can’t stand a month-to-month wait for just a part of a story but I CAN wait until a collection comes out so I can read a bunch of the story at once! Its just like waiting for a new novel- sometimes I find out about a book I want by a favorite author, that won’t come out for 18 months or so, and for THAT it seems I can happily wait.

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