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Summer Reading Review: NOS4A2 by Joe Hill


After reading Horns, I had huge expectations for Joe Hill’s next book. His next novel couldn’t come fast enough for my liking and as the days, weeks and months went by, the memory of Horns just grew and grew in my mind becoming better and better.

And yet, there was no word on a new novel by Hill.

Then, finally, I heard rumblings that a new novel was headed our way. At long last, I thought, I can finally read the NEXT Joe Hill novel.

And so it was that I eagerly put the novel on reserve at my local library and then proceeded to check back on my hold list every couple of days to see if maybe, just maybe, it had entered the system yet and if it might be on its way to me. Finally, that glorious day arrived and I eagerly headed over to the library to pick it up, only to be pleasantly surprised that Hill’s latest novel was thicker than his first two. The close to doubling in size of his output from Horns to NOS4A2 quickly made me forgive Hill for making me wait so long for a new novel and that much more eager to lose myself once again inside the pages of his novel.

With those kind of expectations, it’s hard for any book to live up to them. And while I can say that NOS4A2 isn’t the same overall experience that Horns was, I can say that the novel was equally impressive and just as enjoyable.

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