Review: Me, Him, Them and It by Caela Carter

Me, Him, Them, and It

Once upon a time, Evelyn was a “good” girl, but when her family fell apart around her, she began to rebel against her good girl image. This included quitting most of her extra-curricular activities, dressing in a provocative fashion and secretly dating and sleeping with Todd. Her distant parents (she calls him The Stranger because he cheated on her mother and left for a while and her mother has thrown herself into work) are so disconnected that don’t realize that Todd is sneaking over most nights for a little extra-curricular activity with Evelyn right under their noses.

The only thing that matters to Evelyn is maintaining her GPA and escaping from Jacksonville to a better life in college.

And then things go from bad to worse when Evelyn discovers she’s pregnant and she can’t bring herself to tell Todd, much less her parents. Evelyn struggles with the decisions she must now face and worries about losing her one last friend and the implications of her decisions on what she will do about the baby. It doesn’t help that Todd abandons her, saying he can’t bring shame on his family by telling them about Evelyn or her condition.

Me, Him, Them and It pulls no punches when it comes to Evelyn and her situation. The story is about Evelyn’s struggles to find love and acceptance, not only from others but in herself. At one point, Evelyn has to take her mother to the Planned Parenthood office and have her counselor there reveal the big news because she can’t tell her mother herself. Evelyn’s struggle with what’s “right” in the situation based on her personal and family believes is also effectively rendered by author Caela Carter.

The novel is more than just a stern warning about the complications of teenage sex. It also could serve as a warning to those with kids to not get so caught up in your issues that you miss what’s going on in the lives of your child. Don’t wait for a crisis to come up to try and re-claim a family bond or to be a parent.

In the end, Evelyn finds hope in the form of her favorite aunt and her family, who agree to take her. But interestingly enough, a cross-country change of scenery isn’t a magical cure all for everything. As I said before, the book pulls no punches on the implications of Evelyn’s pregnancy and its impact on her and her family.

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  1. Wow. Todd is an A1 jerk! “Doing a geographic” never lets you escape from yourself. Hopefully by the end of the book Evelyn was more confident in listening to a matured voice inside herself.

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