Season Tickets?

I generally don’t post my sports-related rantings here, but something happened to me yesterday that was far too amusing not to share.   In case you don’t know, I am a huge University of Tennessee Volunteers fan.   Many would say I see the world through orange tinted glasses–and they’d be correct.

Knowing that, makes this story all the more amusing….

Rick and Bubba are fond of saying they don’t consider themselves comedians, but they just report on the funny things that happen to them.  Consider this me reporting on something funny that happened to me yesterday.

I got a call from the Vanderbilt University athletics department.   My first thought was–oh no, they’ve read all the disparaging Commodore remarks I’ve made over the years and have finally called to tell me enough is enough.


Their record indicated that I’ve attended the UT vs Vandy football game each time it’s been in Nashville over the last decade or so.   And they were wondering if I’d like to think about a season ticket package for this year’s Vanderbilt schedule, which includes UT, of course.

Salesman:  However, when I heard your ring tone (which is Rocky Top), I figured you were probably headed to Knoxville for games.

Me:  As many as I can get to, yes.

The salesman (who had a good sense of humor about the whole thing) then quoted me the price for tickets and told me about some of the other big games Vandy has this year.  I politely declined the tickets and thanked him for calling me.

At no point did I give into the obvious temptation to point out how I keep hearing how awesome James Franklin is (he’s not) and how excited the Vandy fanbase is about the season and yet somehow they’re telemarketing to sell tickets.

He then concluded by saying that he figured I’d be on hand for the UT vs Vandy game and that they looked forward to seeing me then.

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up….

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