The Liebster Blog Award

Megan from Love, Literature, Art and Reason nominated Nashville Book Worm for the Liebster Blog Award.

The Rules: Winners answer 11 questions provided by whoever tagged you, provide 11 facts about yourself, and choose 11 followers to bestow the award upon, so long as they have 200 or less followers.

So, here we go with my answers to her questions….

1. What is your favorite book of all time?
Like narrowing down my favorite movie of all time, a lot of this depends on my mood.  I’ve got a couple of favorites including To Kill A Mockingbird, Lake Wobegon Days, The Stars My Destination, The Man in the High Castle, The Mystery of Grace, Blue Like Jazz and, of course, The Bible. 

2. Why did you start blogging about books?
To help keep track of the books I’ve read.

3. Favorite character best friend? Do you have any friends like that?
Don’t really have one.

4. Do you think long books are intimidating? Why/why not?
Yes and no. No because a longer book just means, if you like it, you can enjoy the experience for a longer period of time. Yes because there are some series I am curious about but just won’t start reading because the books are so huge and I’m so far behind (I’m looking at your Robert Jordan and your Wheel of Time).

5. Real books or e-books?
Both. I don’t think we’ll ever replace the feeling of holding a book and turning the pages. But I love the ease of an e-reader and the ability to carry around a lot of books in a compact, light-weight form. Going back to question four, I will admit I prefer e-readers for longer books. I know the last two giant Stephen King tomes gave me hand cramps in the first and last quarter, trying to hold the book.

6. Buy new, used, or borrow from the libary?
Yes to all three, though I lean more toward the library.

7. Favorite genre?
It’s tempting to cop out and say–good book are are my favorite genre. However, I gravitate most toward sci-fi and fantasy novels and mysteries.

8. Awesome author you’ve discovered (or loved more than before) this year?
Gillian Flynn. I consumed Girl Gone earlier this summer and then picked up Dark Places. If you haven’t read either one, check them out.

9. Do you write?

10. Favorite show or movie based off of a book? Why?
To Kill a Mockingbird is a favorite movie. Right now, I’m loving Game of Thrones on the TV side. Both of them capture the spirit of the books and keep enough of the book in tact for me to enjoy them. I understand that there is only so much time in a movie or TV show and that some things have to get dropped or compressed, but both do a great job of keeping what I think are the essential parts of the book.

11. Least favorite show or movie based off a book? Why?
I’ve always had some issues with the adaptation of Jurassic Park, simply because it dropped some of the elements that drove the plot forward (for example, the race against time to get word out that the raptors were clinging to the boat leaving the island). As for the TV side, I wanted to love the Inspector Lynley mystery series but found they dropped too much from the books and the actors chosen looked NOTHING like I’d imagined the characters from the Elizabeth George novels looked or were described.

And while I’m honored that Megan nominated me, I’m going to break the rules and not nominate 11 other book bloggers to continue this.  However, if you want to play along, you can.   Megan gave us some great questions so I’d recommend those!


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