Review: The Drop

The Drop
The Drop by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading The Fifth Witness I lamented that while it was good, it wasn’t up to the recent standard of excellence Michael Connelly had set for himself. But given how prolific Connelly is, it wouldn’t be long before he’d have a chance to start a new streak.

Thankfully, Connelly does that with his latest novel The Drop though I had to admit for the first couple of chapters I had my doubts.

Harry Bosch is back working cases in the cold crimes unit. Three years away from retirement, Bosch wants to try and solve as many of these old cases as he can. On the morning he and his partner, Henry Chu set out to look into a new one, Bosch is requested by a local politician. The politician wants Bosch to look into the death of his son and determine if there was any foul play.

Bosch decides to pursue both cases, though he’s much more interested in the cold case for much of the novel.

Just as Elmore Leonard did with Get Shorty, Connelly gets great mileage out of the double meaning of his latest title. The Drop refers not only to the cold case being dropped many years ago, but to the way in which the politician’s son met his untimely demise.

Sitting down with a Connelly Bosch novel is liking visiting with an old friend. Connelly has become so assured in his storytelling and his ability to craft a page-turning mystery that he almost makes it look easy to juggle two cases in the course of novel, keeping both interesting, suspenseful and compelling. And like all on-going series, there’s some developments in Bosch’s personal life as well from the relationship with his teenage daughter to a potential new love interest. And while his other on-going character Mickey Haller doesn’t appear in this novel, I get the feeling that Connelly will use some of what develops here for the next Haller installment.

Connelly is back on top is his game. And the winner is his fans.

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