The Walking Dead” Before The Dying Fire

If you were hoping for a little zombie mayhem, this episode more than delivers.  Lots of familiar faces become zombie food and we get a couple of big reveals, including what Jenner whispered to Rick last year.

As I said last week, having read the comic books I had guessed the twist that everyone is infected.  However, the implications of this should be interesting to see play out next year and in years to come.*

*Given the ratings of the season finale, there will be several years to come I’m sure.

Also of interest for next season are a lot of other questions.  For example, how long until the group rebels against Rick’s new leadership style?   At this point, he’s killed his best friend and kept information from the group for a long period of time.  Rick says he’s looking to find a way to survive beyond the day to day zombie survival, but what will that look like and while will it entail?  It will take a harder edge than we’ve seen in Rick before, though I get the feeling that season two has pretty much killed the Rick we saw when he first woke up in season one.

Also, I loved the teases for season three–both the mysterious figure who saves Andrea and the glimpse of the prison.

A good season finale that left a lot of questions open for next season and will make the wait for fall seem a bit longer.  The good news is that between now and then we get new episodes of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.


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5 responses to “The Walking Dead” Before The Dying Fire

  1. I never liked the CDC addition to the show. It caused us to miss a great zombie sequence from the comics AND we did not get to hear Rick yell at the group “They aren’t the walking dead… we are.” The hints for next season more than made up for the slow start to season two. The prison should have been the most awesome moment but…. OMG did you see who showed up? That character means the really dark things are coming. Overall season 2 stumbled but finished on solid footing. This eppy seemed to say “Season 3 we are gonna get right and blow your mind.”

    I really hope that happens.

  2. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I really enjoyed it and look forward to what happens going forward.

  3. Sarah

    I just started reading the graphic novels and loving it along with the show. Looking forward to Season 3 as well!

  4. Sarah

    Yep, this episode made up for the first half of baby-daddy-drama and where-in-Georgia-is-Sophia? Looking forward to Season 3. I just started reading the graphic novels and there’s some much they can just take and run with. It should be pretty good.

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