The Walking Dead: “Better Angels”

So the big death I expected to happen last week actually happened this week.  

Last week, Dale shuffled off this mortal coil because of a zombie attack.  This week, Rick is forced to kill his best friend Shane.  Shane has decided he’s a better husband to Lori, father to Carl and leader to the group than Rick is.  And on some level, Shane is right that he could be a better leader in the new world order.  It’s just a shame that he couldn’t figure out how to play well with others and actually be a leader once Rick got back.

Of course, Lori didn’t help things either.  Going out to Shane and saying, “Yeah, the baby could be yours” sent Shane over the edge.  And the fact that Rick is so much more concerned with the needs of the group than being a father to Carl when Carl needs him most also doesn’t help.*

*I’m not sure if Shane ever realized that Rick did go and talk to Carl in the barn.   

And while not as shocking as Dale’s death last week, Shane’s death does raise an interesting question–how did he become a zombie when he wasn’t bitten by one?  I have a feeling the revelation from the comics–that everyone can become a zombie upon death unless taken out with a head shot–is about to be revealed next week.  That’s probably the revelation that was whispered to Rick last season by Jenner and may be why Rick had such a hard time with the decision to kill Randall.

If it is, then the reasoning for keeping him alive works better.  If not, well, then it could be that Shane was right all along.



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3 responses to “The Walking Dead: “Better Angels”

  1. W

    I was impressed by the creativity of Carl’s involvment in Shane’s shooting. (I’m assuming you’ve read the comics, otherwise this is a spoiler.) I don’t think you could show a kid shooting a man on TV without some major blowback, so having him shoot zombie Shane was a good way to make a point similar to letting him shoot real Shane in the comic.

    • Yes, I’ve read the comics so I know how Shane was dispatched there. As you say, the series did a good job of incorporating how the comics shuffled Shane off this mortal coil with the storyline here.

      I hope the series will deal with the implications to Carl about killing Shane. And how in some ways Rick has become no better than Shane.

  2. I feel like “Does Rick have the guts to kill Randall?” was basically answered when he killed Shane…he will kill when necessary for survival but not in a preemptive way.

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