Review: Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation

Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation
Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation by Ian Marter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The combination of the classic series’ best writer (Robert Holmes) with the arguably the Target novels’ best writer (Ian Marter) makes  a winning combination for a  television adaptation. Add in that “The Ribos Operation” is an underrated script by Holmes and you’ve got the potential for something really special.

Marter’s adaptation of the script tells the same story without necessarily being a play-by-play rehash of what appears on screens. Certain scenes are shifted for sake of the narrative flow but for the most part it’s the same story you’ve seen on TV, VHS or DVD. A strong script full of solid double acts and well crafted characters is enhanced and expanded by Marter with great success. Marter is able to make certain monsters a lot more threatening once freed of the TV budget limitations. He’s also able to insert a bit more brutality into the deaths that take place during the fourth episode of the show.

Easily one of the better offerings from the Target range.

As for the audio reading, John Leeson acquits himself fairly well. Of course, his K9 is spot-on, but he does a decent job mimicking Tom Baker and Mary Tamm as the Doctor and Romana in the story.

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