Review: Hexed

Hexed by Kevin Hearne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Following up on the success of “Hounded,” Kevin Hearne offers the second installment in the Iron Druid Chronicles.

The good news is that everyone I enjoyed from the first novel is back. After dispatching with a god in the past book, Atticus might think he’s entitled to a bit of a breather. It’s too bad the rest of the supernatural world doesn’t agree with him. His vampire lawyer wants him to take out Thor, there’s a new Bacchus cult running around town and then there’s the matter of Atticus being caught in a tug of war between two supernatural women. Add in trying to train his new Druid apprentice and making sure Oberon has enough sausages and you’ve got all the makings of fun urban fantasy novel.

With “Hexed” you can see Hearne opening up the universe he introduced us to in “Hounded” a bit more. With a third book already in stores and a fourth yet to come, I’m hoping that we’ll have several more years of exploring and expanding this universe. It really does feel like Hearne is putting some pieces on the board to come back to later.

“Hexed” is fast-paced, witty and a lot of fun to read. It won’t revolutionize the urban fantasy genre, but it will keep you turning the pages. It’s one of those books that I enjoyed every moment of, but ended up kicking myself because I consumed it too quickly. The good news is there’s a third novel out there and I’ve already picked it up. The bad news is that once I’ve finished that one, it’s a long wait until April for more.

On a side note, I will admit that while I love the series, the cover chosen aren’t exactly the most reflective of what’s inside. I want to see this series reach a wider audience (it’s far preferable to the glut of vampire romance books out there thinly disguised as sci-fi and fantasy), but I’m afraid the covers may be a bit off-putting for fans browsing their local bookstore or library.

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