Booking Through Thursday: Sequels

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If you could get a sequel for any book, what would it be?

Being a sci-fi and fantasy fan, I’m used to lots of sequels and series being out there–something that’s a good thing and sometimes it doesn’t work as much.  I’m thinking of the Issac Asimov Robot novels, which the first two are great and then he went back to the well in the 80s and gave us one good sequel and one that I’d rather forget about.

And I think that brings up my biggest reason for wanting or not wanting a sequel.  If there’s a good reason for going back to a universe or characters and it’s well done and not just a money grab, I’m all for it.  But if it’s just a–hey, let’s go back to a familiar property and print some cash, I’m not all the excited about it.  I’m thinking of the sequels to things like Gone With the Wind, where the original was a complete story and while there were some things you could wonder about after the last page was turned, that was all part of the fun.  I think part of the issue with a sequel is that if you’ve got a beloved property and the fans have speculated for years about where it might all go next, inevitably if the official sequel doesn’t line up with those expectations, fans will be upset.

It’s why I’m kind of nervous about the sequel to The Shining that Stephen King is working on.  I loved the original and rank it up there among the horror master’s bests…and I hope the sequel lives up to it.  If it’s something King has been working on over a period of time and years, then it should be good.  But it also has the potential to really disappoint me.


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3 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Sequels

  1. Being a Gigi, I don’t really read Sci-fi or fantasy. But when I read this question this morning, I too, thought of GWTW and how a sequel would spoil it. I know, because about 20 some odd years someone wrote “Scarlet” which they touted as a sequel to GWTW. Of course being a GWTW fan, I read it and HATED it. I think it is very difficult to take a good story and try to write a good sequel to it.

  2. I completely agree. I’m also a bit nervous about that Shining sequel. We’ll see what happens.

    Here’s mine:

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