Review: Eureka: Road Less Traveled

Eureka: Road Less Traveled
Eureka: Road Less Traveled by Cris Ramsay
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In the days before we had access to many of our favorite shows via DVD or streaming, one of the only ways to re-capture the feeling of enjoying an episode or two was via a tie-in novel. Most tie-in novels serve to remind me of why I like a particular show and serve as a nice bubble-gum type of book–enjoyable enough while chewing it, but not something I will necessarily recall long after I’m done.

Such is the case with Eureka: Road Less Traveled.

It’s certainly not the worst tie-in novel I’ve ever read, but it’s not the most memorable either.

Part of the problem is that Eureka is such an arc driven show–both plotwise and character wise–that a large portion of the first third of the book is spent trying to figure out what point during the series the novel is set. And while it’s not Chris Ramey’s fault that certain plotlines have moved forward since the book went to print, it did serve as a major distraction at times.

Not that a tie-in novel can’t overcome these things. If they’re willing to offer us something new or different or a unique perspective on things. Road Less Traveled doesn’t do any of that and ends up being a light reading experience that I didn’t necessarily hate but I didn’t necessarily love either.

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