Review: In the Garden of Iden

In the Garden of Iden (The Company, #1)In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Here’s a book where I love the concept of the book a lot more than than execution.

The concept of using time travel to go back, create a new race of immortal human beings who will then preserve certain aspects and artifacts from history is an intriguing one. The opening segments of "In the Garden of Iden" that set up this concept and idea are intriguing, fascinating and had me hoping something brilliant would happen in the novel.

Unfortunately, that never really materializes–at least not in this installment. Instead, we meet Mendoza, a botanist who is sent back in time to the titular garden to observe it and to collect some samples that were lost to the ravages of time. Instead she meets and falls in love with Nicholas Harpole, a man who isn’t immortal but shares Mendoza believes could and should be.

I have a feeling a lot of what plays out in this story is a set-up for future installments. And that’s all fine, but it still leaves "Iden" feeling like a bit of a disappointment in spots–especially after the solid and intriguing beginning.

I may read another novel or two in the series to see if things pick up a bit.

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