Review: “Doctor Who: Only Good Dalek”

Doctor Who: Only Good DalekDoctor Who: Only Good Dalek by Justin Richards

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One of the problems with the current line of “Doctor Who” fiction is that it can’t really take too many chances with stories for fear of being contradicted by the television series.

So, what we end up getting are a lot of stories that are enjoyable enough but don’t actually do anything new or different with the universe or characters.

“Only Good Dalek” is an example of that. It’s got an intriguing idea of what if someone decided to create a Dalek free of the hatred that drives it. Would it then be a “good” Dalek? Or would it even still be a Dalek at all?

Unfortunately, that intriguing idea isn’t really all that well developed in this graphic novel. And that’s why it’s just another standard “Who” release and not the something special it could have been.

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