Review: Silencing Sam

Silencing Sam (Riley Spartz, #3)Silencing Sam by Julie Kramer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After a disappointing second entry in the series, Julie Kramer gets back on track with the third Riley Spartz novel.

This time, Riley finds herself the target of a newspaper gossip columnist. After a verbal altercation in a bar ends with Riley throwing a glass of wine in his face, the columnist ends up dead and Riley’s the prime suspect. Add in new competition at the station in the form of a uber-reporter Clay and Riley’s assignment on a story about windmill farms coming under attack and you’ve got all the various plot threads that run through "Silencing Sam."

Of course, as with the previous two novels in the series, events from each storyline work together in the final denouncement. But at least this time, I wasn’t able to easily guess who was the culprit behind the crimes and the stories all hang together better in the final final analysis. The only unsatisfying part is the relative ease of the resolution between Riley and her boyfriend. The hints dropped early in the story never pan out to much more than a red herring there.

While not exactly a mind-taxing mystery, "Silencing Sam" is still an enjoyable read with some nicely realized characters. Riley isn’t likely to change much over the course of these books, but spending a few hours with her here isn’t the worst thing in the world.

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