Movie Thoughts: “Grownups”

Somewhere deep inside “Grownups” is a germ of a good idea for a movie.

Five childhood friends re-unite when their old basketball coach passes away.  They begin to reconnect and see how much they may or may not have changed.

It sounds like an interesting idea and there could be some potential laughs there.

Instead, what you get is a fairly bland movie with a script no better than a bad movie of the week melodrama.   The movie tries too hard to be funny and falls flat every single time.  It’s one of those where if you’ve seen the preview, you’ve seen all the potentially funny moments there.

The characters are cliches and the story is never engaging.  The only time the movie zags rather than zigs is toward the end.  And it’s not exactly a huge and shocking character moment like the script seems to think it is.

This one is a huge waste of time.

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