Booking Through Thursday — Resolutions

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Any New Year’s reading resolutions?

I’m going to try and read as many or more books than I did last year. I read around 200 books last year, so that could be a mighty lofty goal, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

Each year, I resolve I’m going to work on my huge pile of TBR books..and each year it seems to grow. My problem is there are so many good book blogs out there as well as the social networking sites for books that I always find at least three or four books a week I want to read. Of course, since my theory of immortality is that there is no way I can pass on until I’ve read at least half of my TBR pile, I figure I’m in for a long, happy life….:)


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3 responses to “Booking Through Thursday — Resolutions

  1. I need to read more this year. Last year I had a reading slump which lasted for more than four months…

    Reading Goals

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I also have a long TBR list, but I’m doing a good job of working on it so far this year. Good luck with your list, and congrats on 200 books! That’s quite an accomplishment.

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