Booking Through Thursday — Splish, Splash!

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You’ve just dropped your favorite, out-of-print book into a bathtub, ruining it completely … What do you do now?

Well, this probably wouldn’t be a huge problem for me since I never read while in the tub. Odds are that it would be far more likely to occur at the pool during the summer, where I love sitting by the pool and reading after I’ve done my laps for the day.

If it did occur, it’s not quite as horrible as it could be. At least not in the Internet era. That’s what E-Bay, Amazon Merchants and Alibris are for–finding those hard to find books easily. And, of course, there’s always the haunting of my local favorite used bookstore or even trying to trade it via the various social networking sites that allow such things.


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2 responses to “Booking Through Thursday — Splish, Splash!

  1. I would never read in the tub…don’t people know that is where most home accidents occur? Why would they want to endanger a book like that?Here’s My BTT.

  2. I had a similar thought. Thank god for social networks. If disasters like this occur, they could be mobilized for help.

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