Booking Through Thursday: Past or Present

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Do you prefer reading current books? Or older ones? Or outright old ones? (As in, yes, there’s a difference between a book from 10 years ago and, say, Charles Dickens or Plato.)

It doesn’t matter to me when a book was published. A good story is a good story.

I try to read a good blend of both old and new, though a lot of what I read is newer. This is because of reviews I find, recommendations from friends and the shiny covers at the bookstore and library.

One thing I hope the revolution toward e-books will do is allow older books to remain in print and circulation longer. After all, if they only have to exist as electronic files on a server, then it shouldn’t cost as much or take up as much shelf space to keep them around.



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5 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Past or Present

  1. Good point — hard to be “out of print” when you are not in print. Once a book is in electronic form, it could last a long time.

    Here is my answer on Rose City Reader.

  2. SFP

    That’s a good reason to support e-books. I use my Kindle mainly to read Anthony Trollope and George Gissing.

  3. I just downloaded several much older book on my Kindle last night. Even though I have my Kindle, I still do buy paperback books from time to time. My fav. books seem to come from current best sellers but age of the book does not matter, it’s what I find interesting.

  4. So true – a good story, is a good story, no matter the age! I am the same way though, people are always recommending to me the newest books! I can’t keep up 🙂

  5. One day I hope to be able to buy a Nook. I’d love to be able to catch up on some of the old cheesy romances that I missed the first time around and the classics that I never got around to buying.

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