“Bite Me” by Christopher Moore

Bite Me (Love Story, #3)My rating: 3 of 5 stars
When we last saw Jody and Tommy (aka Flood) , the star crossed vampire lovers of author Christopher Moore, they’d just defeated a vampire queen and had been encased in bronze after being told to leave the city. They’d also transformed their cat Chet into a vampire.

“Bite Me” picks up where the last installment left off, though Moore seems to have forgotten that while he and the world have aged, the story should still be set in less modern times when various characters don’t have things like X-Boxes. (It’s a minor quibble, but still one that nags at this reader).

This time, minion Abby Normal is still pining to be made immortal and will do whatever it takes to become a creature of the night. Oh and she’s failing biology at school. Meanwhile, Chet is creating problems around San Francisco, transforming cats into an army of vampire cats that feeds on the homeless population of the city. And there’s an army of vampire rats that can transform into cloud form that may also get loose.

In a day and age where vampire stories are all the rage, Moore’s third installment in the series skillfully mines the genre tropes for humor and satire. And while we get the usual amount of Moore camoes and crossovers, I still can’t help feeling that “Bite Me” was a bit too unfocused and not nearly as enjoyable as the first two installments. Jody and Flood are moved off stage and only minor players in the story, while Abby Normal is elevated to a star in the story, much to the detriment of things. Abby works better as a supporting character and giving her her own major plot threat stretches her jokes and humor a bit thin.

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