“Heat Wave” by Richard Caslte

Heat WaveMy rating: 3 of 5 stars
In the tradition of “Lost,” ABC’s “Castle” sees the publication of a novel that is prominently featured on the television series. I’d heard about “Heat Wave” from its references on the show but it was only recently when several cases hinged around the story within the novel itself that I sought it out to read….or in this case listen to on audio book.

As a story, “Heat Wave” isn’t exactly what you’d call ground breaking. It’s a fairly standard mystery thriller that could easily be written by half a dozen or so best-selling mystery writers working today. The story is a thinly veiled copying of the situation on the show–in this case, a magazine writer is assigned a ride-along detail with an attractive, single female detective and her squad. They get assigned a high-profile murder and work to figure out who did it with both parties getting in their respective hits and misses as the investigation develops.

The ending and revelation about who did it aren’t necessarily the most shocking things in the world and the novel is full of red herrings. And while it’s not the most mind-taxing mystery out there, it’s still a fun read and if you watch the show, you’ll have a hard time not envisioning the actors in their various roles on the show here.

I did listen to this as an audio book and that may have helped it a great deal. The novel is a bubble-gum thriller, which is the perfect kind of book for listening to on audio while doing other things.

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2 responses to ““Heat Wave” by Richard Caslte

  1. sounds like a neat little read. I don’t watch the show; would it still make sense? Also, i hope you and yours are well and didn’t have flood damage and such.

  2. Yes, you can read it without watching the show. It will make sense.

    Thanks for the thoughts. My family and I were spared from the worst.

    However, there are a lot of people here who need prayers as they rebuild.

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