“Levithan” by Scott Westerfeld

Leviathan (Leviathan, #1) My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Before I picked this one up, I’d heard a lot of really positive buzz surrounding it. And maybe the glowing reviews heightened my expectations to a point that no book could really live up to.

Because while I liked “Leviathan,” I didn’t love it.

I wanted to.

The book has some fascinating concepts from alternate history to elements of steam-punk. In terms of a world-building exercise, Scott Westerfeld has done a masterful job of creating a universe that’s rich, fascinating and dynamic. The steam-punk elements alone make the novel worth investing your time and attention to.

The problem comes in the characters and the story. The two leads are interesting but become predictable halfway through the story. I found myself slowly caring more about reading more about the technology of this universe than I did about the characters themselves, something I consider a bad sign. I didn’t feel as though the book worked hard enough to have me become as invested in the characters as I could have or should have been. Instead, it was too concerned with the clever technology and steam punk aspects and the story, as a whole, suffers as a result.

I realize this is the first of a series and I may or may not come back. I may check in just to see where things go next in the alternate history. We’ll see.

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