Booking Through Thursday — Illustrations

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How do you feel about illustrations in your books? Graphs? Photos? Sketches?

It depends on the material really.

For non-fiction, I like having a section of photos in the center of the book or with various parts of the text so I can get an idea of what the people looked like or actual photos from the setting or event.  I just read the non-fiction book “The Immortal Life of Harietta Lacks” and the photos in the center that showed us the various parties that were detailed in the book were very helpful.  I think the same can be said of graphs in a non-fiction book.  It’s all about them being well used, I think.  Also, I don’t want them to overwhelm the text.

In fiction, it depends really.  I do like illustrations in some book.  I’m re-reading Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger” for a book group and I like the paintings that are included at various points in the story.  They add something to the world.  However, there are some books were I prefer not to have illustrations and allow my own imagination to fill in the details.  It’s almost like having a movie version of your favorite book made–the people chosen to portray the characters often don’t look like you imagined them while reading.


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4 responses to “Booking Through Thursday — Illustrations

  1. pam

    You make a VERY good point. I like my own “head images” as well and sometimes illustrations tend to take away for persuade our imagination.

  2. Seems like most readers do prefer their own imagination much of the time, at least when reading fiction. Your book-to-movie example is a very good one.
    This was a fun question. Here’s my answer.

  3. I think that for adult fiction, I rather they didn’t have pics. Non-fiction needs them. Here’s mine.

  4. good answer about the book/movie.

    Here’s my answer

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