“Doctor Who: Logopolis” by Christopher H. Bidmead (audio)

Doctor Who: Logopolis (Classic Novels)My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Christopher H. Bidmead’s novelization of his four-part serial “Logopolis” is a standard adapt the script for the printed page affair that was common to the Target novelizations of the time. Bidmead does take the opportunity to try and iron out some of the inconsistencies in his script but except for a few limited passes, he rarely expands the story beyond what we saw on-screen.

The novelization itself is a three-star read. But the audio adaptation is only a two-star listen. A lot of that has to do with Bidmead as a narrator. He does well enough when the story is at its most descriptive, but when it comes down to imitating on-screen characters, Bidmead falters. His impression of Tegan is shrill and difficult to listen to while his fourth Doctor sounds more like Christopher Lee than Tom Baker. A good audio reading can be enhance or detract from a story–in this case it detracts.

Also, it’s odd that the audio is produced by BBC Audio but that it’s limited in which sound cues it can utilize in the story. I understand that it won’t use the same incidental music, but the story can afford to have the TARDIS materializing sound effect but yet uses a new one for the cloister bell. The new effect is far less ominous and too light for the story, which took me out of the story as I was listening to it.

Not the best effort from the BBC Audio range of Target novelizations on CD.

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