“Swim the Fly” by Don Calame

Swim the FlyMy rating: 4 of 5 stars
Every summer, Matt and his friends Coop and Sean set a goal for themselves. This summer, it’s to see a girl au natural. And not on the Internet or in Playboy, but a real live girl.

The trio also spend each summer on the local swim team. But this summer, something is different. Kelly West has moved onto their swim team and Matt would do anything to get Kelly’s attention–even volunteering to swim the 100 m butterfly section of the relay. The only problem–Matt can’t swim the butterfly and it’s one of the hardest swim strokes to pull off for one lap, much less the four required for the 100 meter.

“Swim the Fly” relates the story of Matt’s misadventures from the summer in question. In many ways, the book reminded me of the first two “American Pie” films with a center of hormonally imbalanced teenagers having misadventures on their quest for the ultimate goal. And just like the first two “Pie” installments, “Fly” has the same heart at the center. These aren’t totally irredeemable horn dogs looking to see a bit of naked female flesh. These are real teenagers who funny and may be a bit recognizable.

The subject matter may be a PG-13 and, at times the book does have a PG-13 rating. But it’s a fun, entertaining and authentic feeling story that will have you smiling, laughing and sympathizing with Matt at each and every turn.

One of the most enjoyable books I’ve read this year.

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