Booking Through Thursday: Twists

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Jackie says, “I love books with complicated plots and unexpected endings. What is your favourite book with a fantastic twist at the end?”

So, today’s question is in two parts.

1. Do YOU like books with complicated plots and unexpected endings?

2. What book with a surprise ending is your favorite? Or your least favorite?

I enjoy all kinds of books–both those that I refer to as mental bubblegum (good which you read it, but you forget them a few days after you’ve read them…I put Dean Koontz into this category) and those that have more complex plots and require a bit more attention.  Both are good and I enjoy them.  I also like a twist ending, provided the author has set it up well and it’s not a twist for the sake of a twist.

As for a favorite twist,there are a couple that are interesting to me.  I did like the twist in Ian Banks’ “Use of Weapons” a great deal.  And, of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one of my all time favorite books, “Ender’s Game.”

On the least favorite, I think because someone ruined it for me it has to be “Murder of Roger Ackroyd.”  I wish I hadn’t had someone give away the twist as I like to discover them on my own…


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2 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Twists

  1. Lex

    A twist for the sake of twist is indeed bad. Quite stupid actually.

    Check my answer on my blog.

  2. Hi there! I’m a book blogger in Nashville too! I also mentioned Ender’s Game in my BTT post. Stay warm today!

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