“Star Wars: Death Troopers” by Joe Schreiber

Star Wars: Death TroopersThe old adage says you should never judge a book by its cover.

Maybe we should update it to say that we should never judge a book by its cover or its Internet marketing campaign.

Images of the cover for this “Star Wars” book began to slip out months ago along with the tease of stormtroopers plus zombies.  Based on that alone, the novel had to be worth reading, right?

Yes and no.

As a standalone novel in the “Star Wars” universe, the books is an enjoyable enough story as author Joe Schreiber introduces us to a bunch of character who are to set to be potential zombie fodder early in the story.

The story has a nice sense of atmosphere to it.  A prison ship breaks down with a full compliment of prisoners and is forced to dock with an abandoned star destroyer for help and to try and find parts.  Hope turns to fear as a mysterious disease comes back on board, wiping out most of the crew and prisoners apart from a handful of survivors with immunity to the disease.  Then, the dead start rising and become zombies, leading to lots of chasing and running.

The problem with “Death Troopers” is that there’s a twist mid-way through that completely took me out of the story and had me rolling my eyes.  And the book never recovered from that moment. In fact, a large chunk of the second half of the book depends on this twist, making it virtually impossible to escape it or maybe pretend it didn’t happen and get back to some zombie stormtrooper mayhem.

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