“Sucks To Be Me” by Kimberly Pauley

Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe) Seventeen-year-old Mina Hamilton has a seemingly normal life with one small exception–her parents are vampires.  Mina’s known for years, but when the vampire ruling council discovers this, Mina is enrolled in a crash course about everything it means to be a vampire and given a deadline to make one of the biggest decisions of her life–whether or not to join the ranks of the undead.

With the current crazy of teenager vampire books flooding the market, “Sucks To Be Me” stands out from the crowd for several reasons.  One of them is the central narrator and our hero, Mina Hamilton.  Told from Mina’s point of view, the story allows us to see into Mina’s thought process which is, at times hilarious, at times self-pitying and always authentic.

Another stand-out point is the novel’s creation of its own vampire mythology.   While it’s not groundbreaking, the novel does feature several points in which Mina debunks or backs up vampire lore.  The fact that Mina’s English class is reading “Dracula” as the book unfolds only helps things.  First-time author Kimberly Pauley has created a fresh, interesting new potential vampire lore in her book and while this story is complete in and of itself, more entries in this universe and involving Mina would be welcome.

Thirdly, the book is populated by an engaging group of characters.  The biggest of these is Mina, but there are a wide array of supporting characters to get to know and love over the course of the story.   And these characters behavior make for some genuinely laugh out loud funny moments such as Mina’s mom explaining vampire sex to her potential date over the family dinner table.

In a perfect world, a novel as fun, refreshing and as fun as “Sucks To Be Me” would do equal or better numbers as the Twilight saga.  With teenage vampire romance novels being the current rage in the bookstore, “Sucks To Be Me” stands out from the field with its good sense of humor, engaging characters and well-crafted romantic tension.



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2 responses to ““Sucks To Be Me” by Kimberly Pauley

  1. Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. The sequel is with my editor right now…it’ll be out next year.

  2. Laureen

    OMG i freakin love this book!
    It was such a page turner and I cant wait for this next book .
    The end of the book was amazing!
    I want to be a writier same day and when I do start writing I hope my book are as good as this.
    I am soooooo going to recommend this!

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