Monday’s Movie

It’s not book-related, but it still looks like a fun meme.  I found this meme over at A Novel Menagerie and decided it looked like fun.  Plus, I actually sat down and watched a Netflix rental on DVD this past weekend….

Tropic Thunder

Starring:  Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr., Jack Black
Directed by: Ben Stiller
Time: 2 hours, 1 minute (director’s cut DVD)
Rating: R
Studio: Dreamworks

Every time I see one of the new Hollywood comedies that everyone raves about, calling it the next big thing, I have to wonder–do I just not have a sense of humor any more?  Because nine times out of ten, these comedies have their amusing moments, but more often than not I fail to see the point or why everyone else thinks they’re so funny.  Cases in point: Anything with Will Farrell post “Anchorman,” most Adam Sandler films, “Napolean Dynomite” and now, “Tropic Thunder.”

“Tropic Thunder” is the latest in a long line of films in which Hollywood pokes fun at itself.   After blowing a huge scene and putting production of their war movie behind schedule and severely overbudget, a group of actors is dropped off in the wilderness, given a list of scenes and told that hidden cameras will be filming them.   Little do they know they’ve been dropped off inside the zone of a group of drug lords, who mistake them for DEA agents.  Basically, it’s the same premise as “Three Amigos” where you have a group of actors who think they’re playing while the bad guys are deadly serious and out to kill them.  Only difference is that “Three Amigos” was funnier and a bit broader in humor.

There are moments in “Tropic Thunder” that work well.  Tom Cruise is hilarious as the foul-mouthed Hollywood big-shot.  But when the real highlight of the film are the fake trailers that play before the movie, you know there’s a problem.  The cast is trying hard and there are some funny moments here.  But the movie goes for the throw jokes at the wall and see what sticks mentality that a lot of comedies seems to use these days.  And a lot of the jokes just don’t stick. 

The cast is solid, the movie looks and sounds great.  It’s just not as funny as it thinks it is. 

My rating: 2 bags of popcorn out of 5.


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3 responses to “Monday’s Movie

  1. My husband and I didn’t think this was very funny, either. Disappointing, cause I love a laugh-out-loud comedy – but this just didn’t do it.

  2. Bummer. I had hoped this would be good. I heard Tom Cruise was good in it. He got a Golden Globe nomination for it, I think… or, maybe People’s Choice. I can’t remember.

  3. That’s too bad…I haven’t heard good things about this one at all, and I usually enjoy Ben Stiller. Thanks for the review.

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