Monday Musings

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about bookmarks…

What do you use to mark your place while reading? Do you have a definite preference? Do you use bookmarks, paper, or (gasp) turn down the pages? If you use bookmarks, do you have a favourite one?

I prefer to use bookmarks.  A local used bookstore gives away colorful bookmarks with their name and contact information them, so I have a lot of those.  I also look for the free bookmarks at the library and will use those as well.  One of my favorites is one that has “The Simpsons” on it.  And there’s the one with Kiera Knightly.  Mmmmm…Keira Knigthly.

Anyway, back to my point.  I prefer to not dog-ear pages if possible. 

And I would say that I use a bookmark 98% of the time.

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