“The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman

At this point, if Neil Gaiman writes it, I’m going to read it. He’s just that good and while “The Graveyard Book” isn’t his best novel to date, it’s still an enjoyable story and well worth the time.

It’s a dark sort of fairy tale, the kind of thing Gaiman has excelled at telling since his days working on “The Sandman.” The story follows Nobody Owens, or Bod for short. When his family is killed by the mysterious Jack, Bod escapes into a cemetary where he’s adopted by the local residents and raised there. Bod is protected from Jack, who is searching for him to complete the task of killing the entire family.

It’s this aspect of the story that is the most frustrating. The threat to Bod is brought up early and resurfaces throughout the novel at various points. We know Bod is in danger, but we’re never explicitly told why his family was targetted. In the final pages offer some hints, but Gaiman doesn’t put all the pieces together for readers to offer the satisfying conclusion the story needs or demands.

Which is a shame becuase that weakness mars what is, otherwise, a fine book. The characters who inhabit the cemetary are wonderful, memorable and what you’ve come to expect from Gaiman

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