“The Best Game Ever” by Mark Bowden

The 1958 NFL championship game between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Colts is one of those games that sports legends are built around. Billed as “the best game ever,” it was the moment when a multitude of factors came together to give birth to the most popular sport in the world, the NFL.Unfortunately, footage of the game is lost to the ravages of time.

That only makes Mark Bowden’s account of the game more compelling and extraordinary. Bowden interviews players who played in the game, coaches and staffs as well as looking at the unique series of factors that led to the crossroads in history. Bowden puts you in the action, making you feel like you’re there, watching the game unfold or even playing the game. The story of the strategy, the hopes, the dreams and the game itself will keep you turning the pages. Even if you’re not a football fan, you’ll find something intriguing about this account of events

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