TBR Challenge: To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis


Not exactly a sequel to “Doomsday Book” but a novel set in the same universe with the appearance of several minor characters from the original.Ned is suffering from time lag, a condition brought about by making too many jumps to the past to try and find the bishop’s bird stump. In the future, a rich benefactor is restoring the Covington Cathedral at great expense and wants every detail perfect. She has promised the University funding if she can utilize their time travel technology to make sure everything is exact, something which seemed like a good idea at the time but comes with unintended consequences.To escape the nagging of Lady Shrapnel, Ned is sent back in time to a different era to restore history. Seems a fellow historian brought back an artifact, something that should never happen. Ned’s goal is to return the artifact before history is set completely off course.




Willis’ book is a fun, entertaining read that has a tendency to wander down the primrose path at times. For the middle third, Ned is trying to figure out what his assignment is and not having a good go of it. The book also starts at a deliberate pace, setting up the universe and the characters. However, the final third that examines the nature of time and the implications of time travel is fascinating and will please most sci-fi fans.




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